21 March 2019


Trolliosis - a curvature of the spine brought on by being hunched over a keyboard sending troll comments out across the internet tubes. Related to crapal tunnel syndrome (I know what I wrote).

"No wonder that pasty bastard never goes outside, his trolliosis has him nearly doubled over like an a-frame."


Incarcination - an incarceration nation, what the US has become since the advent and explosive growth of the for-profit prisons.

"America calls itself the land of the free and home of the brave but it isn't free any more, it is an incarcination."


Pretect - preventative protection, perhaps the act of putting a condom in your wallet (bad place for them, btw) would be an example of pretection.


Fappiary - an aviary for fapping (masturbating).

"Not the kind of birds I'm used to being around while fapping but the fappiary was an unusual twist, that's for sure."


Loafamotive - a slow or often late train.

"My boss isn't buying my loafamotive excuse anymore, I may have to get out and walk."


Accooterments - additional items of dress or equipment, or other items carried or worn by a person or used for a particular activity for your vagina or vajaynay or vajizzle, whichever makes you smile.

"She pulled off her thong and she had a little sparkly and bell ringing Christmas tree brooch accooterment hanging above her pussy."


Rumpor - a rumor about a rump. Or a rumor that came out of someone's backside (ie. lies).

"The dude couldn't stop spreading rumpors about his not-thicc girlfriend."


Shrivileged - shriveled privilege. The very worst thing that could ever (EVER) happen to a white upper class man.

"The poor, poor, dear, ever since he had that major shrivilege episode, he's just not been the same hateful racist sack of crap I married."


Invaledictorian - the student with the lowest GPA in the class.

"The invaledictorian's commencement speech included grunts and hand gestures..."


Emphassis - being an ass about where to put the emphasis on a word.

"I have a dream about going on Jeopardy and answering everything correctly but putting the wrong emphassis on every word so Trebek gets all huffy and annoyed."


Stupport - stupid support in the face of evidence that your support is unwarranted. See the 2016 election farce where super delegates pledged their fealty to Hillary Clinton well in advance of the primaries and made her think her presidency was inevitable. But her stupport failed to account for how weary the populace was and is of dynasties that do nothing but perpetuate the status quo.

"Hillary's stupport came from a bought and paid for network of toadies, sycophants and political climbers banking on her win so they could advance themselves. At no point did anyone in her campaign stop and actually consider the fact that they could lose."


Weasoning - weasel reasoning. Like Hannity or Alex Jones or any of the other smear wankers who take one thing, blow it all out of proportion and then ignore everything else to rant and spit and behave like 7 year olds in need of a spanking.

Homo fapien

Homo fapien - pronounced fay-pian - the forever alone guy who must fap his own way.


Sherparone - a chaperone who doubles as a Sherpa (can you hold my jacket?).


Deathtiny - how you are destined to die, your death destiny, as it were. Pronounced like destiny with a lisp.

"It was always my deathtiny to return to Westeros to die."


Cockument - a document about penises or documentation of sexual harassment.

"Matt thought he was going to slip through and not get outed as a sexual predator but when Ann produced the cockument with details and dates, he knew it was game over."



Empty. Yeah, this is what my brain decides to do when it doesn't want to let me go to sleep.


Surepa - someone's who is always ready and willing to help carry something by saying "Sure!" a sherpa who says sure!


Hill-'splain - a political bend to the pejorative man'splaining when a man feels the need to explain something basic to a woman because he fundamentally believes she's not capable of understanding it until he explains it to her.

"The Clintonista tried to Hill-'splain it all away why a supposedly healthy person would have a rolling hospital traveling with them everywhere. And failed miserably at making any valid points, as usual."


Wreckoning - a wrecked reckoning. A mangled personal calculation, like when someone thinks they can clear a 6 foot jump and cannot.